Carers Group

Bandon Family Carers Group Meeting

St. Michael’s Centre

Second Wednesday of each Month@ 7.30-9.00

A safe space where carers can share their experiences with people in a similar role helping you to become more empowered, more knowledgeable of supports & services and to feel less isolated and alone.

New members always welcome, please contact Colette for more info 023-8841 681

Bandon Carers Group

Who carers for the Carer? We at St. Michael’s Centre want to help you, we are affiliated with Family Carers Ireland. The group participants can share experiences, ideas, concerns or problems in a supportive environment. Former carers who like to support new carers are welcome.

What is the group about? Bandon carers group meets once a month in St. Michael’s Centre to listen and support each other in a friendly welcoming environment. There are two elements to the meeting, firstly to give participants an opportunity to share how they are feeling and secondly to share information, coping strategies and support each other. We invite guest speakers from Citizens Information, Sage Advocacy, etc when needed.

Who is the group for? The group is open to any male or female adult who are in a caring role. This may be for a partner, parent, family member or friend. Often carers find themselves in this role with little support. This group is open to adults in caring roles and we invite you to come along to relax, socialise and learn from other carers on how we cope from day to day.

When is it held? In St. Michael’s Centre on South Main Street in Bandon on the Second Wednesday of each month. We encourage carers to take time for themselves and to create a sense of connection with other carers in similar circumstances. Contact Colette at St. Michael’s Centre to find out more 023-8841681.